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Region Maps

  • State -
    California region maps (tourism).
  • Bay Area -
    Map of the San Francisco region.
    • Biking - 511 BikeMapper
      Search for bike maps by city, county, zip code. Plan your route by starting point and destination. Get an interactive map of the Bay Area bikeways.
    • Points of Interest - Only in San Francisco
      Use these interactive maps to view and zoom in on your points of interest. You can also browse through our extensive content for places to stay and things to do.
    • San Francisco City -
      Map of San Francisco city.
  • Central Coast -
    Map of the Central Coast region.
  • Central Valley -
    Map of the Central Valley region.
  • Desert -
    Map of the Desert region.
  • Gold Country -
    Map of the Gold Country region.
    • Light Rail - Sacramento Regional Transit
      Find the area you are interested in traveling to and click for a larger view. Get individual route schedules and maps, and plan your trip online.
    • Sacramento City -
      Map of the Sacramento city area.
  • High Sierra -
    Map of the High Sierra region.
  • Inland Empire -
    Map of the Inland Empire region.
  • Los Angeles -
    Map of the Los Angeles region.
    • Airports - Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau
      Get maps on Los Angeles airports.
    • DASH - Los Angeles Transit Online
      Zoom in and out of this map to find the local DASH route, metro stations, bus stations, and points of interest.
    • Regions - Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau
      Download these maps to navigate around the city and find great things to do.
  • North Coast -
    Map of the North Coast region.
  • Orange County -
    Map of the Orange County region.
  • San Diego -
    Map of the San Diego region.
    • Biking - San Diego Association of Governments
      Find a bike route, bike shop, bike lockers, or plan your bike commute.
    • County parks - County of San Diego
      Locate a county park in San Diego.
  • Shasta Cascade - Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association
    View a map of the Shasta Cascade region.
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