Renew Drivers License

Renew Driver License

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

In order to process your renewal, you must be the person named on the renewal notice and not have a change of address. Note: If you wish to apply for a Reduced Fee Identification Card, you must bring the original, completed Verification for Reduced Fee Identification Card (DL 937) to the DMV along with your payment and your Renewal Notice. Verification for Reduced Fee Identification Card (DL 937) must be presented to DMV within 60 days of its completion by the governmental or non-profit entity.

General Information: 800-777-0133

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. A change of address is not accepted as part of the driver license renewal by internet process. This is for your security and protection. If you have a change of address, enter your current address on your renewal notice and renew your driver license by mail.
You no longer need the RIN to renew your drivers license online, but you do need to register as a certified user with the DMV to process your renewal
You have to be eligible for renewal by mail and:
  • Have access to the Internet
  • Register as a certified user with the DMV
  • Not have a change of address or change of personal description
  • Have a verified Social Security Number (SSN) on DMV record (since October 2000, DMV verifies SSNs with the Social Security Administration)
  • Have a valid credit card or a checking account.

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