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The Land and Natural Resources

  • California's Air - California Air Resources Board
    Find out what the air pollution situation is in your neighborhood.
  • California's Biodiversity - California Biodiversity Council
    See what the State is doing to coordinate the programs of various state, federal, and local organizations that have environmental concerns as a focus.
  • California's Ecology - U.S. Department of Agriculture
    Read a description and see photos and maps of ecological subregions of California.
  • California GeoTour - Department of Conservation, California
    Geologic Field Trip Guides
  • California State Parks - California State Parks
    Find detailed information about California's state parks.
  • Coastal Lands and Resources
  • Go Solar California - California Energy Commission, California Public Utilities Commission
    Information on rebates, tax credits, and incentives for solar electricity systems in California.
  • Historic Landscapes - California Department of Transportation
    Learn how to identify historic landscapes and their importance in environmental preservation.
  • Minerals and Mining - California Geological Survey
    See maps and data on California's minerals.
  • Native American Resources - California Native American Heritage Commission
    Learn about efforts to preserve and protect Native American cultural resources
  • Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources - California Department of Conservation
    Learn about the State's programs for managing these resources.
  • Open Spaces and Agricultural Lands
  • Renewable Energy - California Energy Commission
    Learn about the State's policies and programs for planning, developing, and supporting renewable energy.
  • Rivers, Wetlands and Water
  • Trees and Forests - California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
    Learn about California's forests and programs for protecting them.
  • Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat - California Department of Fish and Wildlife
    Find lists of endangered and rare animal and plant species, life history notes on amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, and further links to fish, animal, plant, or habitat information.
  • Water Resources - California Department of Water Resources
    Learn about California's water resources and programs for maintaining them.
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