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Data Dashboard

About the Dashboard

California's dashboard shows how many people are on all websites "right now". The map is updated continuously and each page view is reported in near real-time on this map. Using Google Analytics™, the map shows how many people are on all websites right now and their geographic locations within California. The dashboard also features a variety of other information including number of visitors on websites over the last 24 hours and the most popular search terms entered. Information on the dashboard is continuously updated.

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The data contained in this dashboard is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Most of the data is obtained from Google Analytics™ and relies on the use of their API. Google Analytics™ allows departments to gather, view, and analyze website traffic to improve citizens experiences. The data from Google Analytics™ does not include several departments, including the Franchise Tax Board and others. Some of the data was also obtained from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

For Media and Other Inquiries: Please contact us prior to using this data for any official purpose.