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Photo Galleries

  • California State Capitol
    Images of the capitol and grounds.
  • Caltrans
    Selected images of California's freeway and highway system.
  • Historic Photos - State Library
    Browse a collection of historical daguerreotypes, posters, advertisements, portraits, and maps. Also includes a collection of Mexican War prints, stereographs, and 19th century sheet music.
  • State Symbols - California State Archives and California State Library
    Images and information on California's state insignia, such as the state animal, state tree, state flag, state motto, state rock and more.


  • Coastal art and poetry contest - California Coastal Commission
    All California students, kindergarten through 12th grades, are invited to participate.
  • Coastal photo contest - California Coastal Commission
    Open to amateur photographers.
  • Fairs and expositions - California Department of Food and Agriculture
    Links to fairs and expos throughout the State. Many host photo competitions and contests.
  • Parks photo contest - California State Parks Foundation
    Display your photographs and share your experiences of visiting California's State Parks with other like-minded photographers.

Other Sources

  • National parks - National Park Service
    Click on a national park to view park information and links to photos.
  • Shop for photos - California State Library
    Links to an online store where you can buy or browse historical daguerreotypes, posters, advertisements, portraits, and maps.
  • U.S. Government -
    Photos and graphics from the U.S. government.
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