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A podcast is an audio broadcast available over the Internet in a syndication feed, such as an RSS feed. Podcasts can be played on your computer or MP3 music player. By subscribing to a podcast feed, you will automatically download the latest audio files for listening when you choose.

Listed below are podcasts that you can subscribe to or download to your desktop and portable music/video player.


  • State Parks - California State Parks Foundation
    Every month, find a new podcast about a different California State Park.
  • Thank You Ocean - Natural Resources Agency, California
    Focuses on ocean topics such as marine mammals, the latest news on ocean health, timely ocean issues, and fascinating ocean facts.
  • Walkable Neighborhoods - Metropolitan Transportation Commission
    Narrated audio tours of the Bay Area, including printable maps


Schools - iTunesU


  • - Podcasts from the US Government.
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